Saturday, July 23, 2016


it's not raining right now.
i wish it was.
i could focus on something.
maybe i wouldn't think so much.

i keep doing that,
thinking too much.
remember past things.

some things, i know it's better that it ended.
if it had lasted longer, it would have caused more heartbreak.
but i miss those days.

things are different now...

if it were raining the rain would disguise my tears.
if i cried any.
thinking about the could-have-beens,
the what-ifs.

i try not to,
sometimes i can't help it.

i miss you,
the days when we talked,
we don't do that anymore.
not really.

i miss you.
you don't seem to notice.
if you do, you don't say anything.
i almost wish you would...

but then, i might tell you everything,
i don't think i should.
i think that would cause trouble.
or something.


there's a rainstorm inside me,
and it won't go away.